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Welcome to

Living Prevention TV!

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Welcome to Living Prevention TV!™

At Living Prevention TV, we're on a mission to bring 1,000,000 people together who want to learn, live, and love the 'Living Prevention, Not Prescription lifestyle.

COVID-19 made clear the importance of prioritizing health, including the bitter consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle and being immune compromised.

Living Prevention TV is media and membership presented by the AlternaCare Foundation to showcase the power of prevention-first living.

When you "Change your lifestyle, You change your life!" This is the LPTV mantra. If you resonate with prevention-first living and solutions that put people, not profit, first.....Welcome to Living Prevention TV and Membership.

Welcome to Living Prevention TV and Membership!

LPTV Coming in 2024

Living Prevention TV airs on the Living Prevention App, plus on the Roku Living Prevention Channel, and social media channels Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Audible, and 100 other platforms in 2024.

Hosted by Kari E. Gray, a three-decade terminal cancer conqueror, a humanitarian researcher, and a problem solver who lives what she teaches, Kari is a visionary who envisioned the Health Reinvented mission (see alternacare.org).

Now, our Living Prevention TV mission is bringing 1,000,000 people together who want alternatives to find just that.

AlternaCare CEO & Living Prevention TV Host

Kari E. Gray - Three-decade terminal cancer conqueror

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LPTV Pilot Show

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LPTV Show Topics Include

Get Educated The Body Can Heal Itself

Understand Body signals

Health Literacy 101

The Placebo Effect

Emotions have frequency

Healing Our Illness by Thoughts

Don’t be frozen in disease belief

What you believe you achieve

The Secret is Changing Our Software

Why Fear is Deadly

Words Spoken Become Our Reality

Thoughts Become Reality

The Perfect Me

We’re All Connected

How We’re Conceived

When to Start a Family

Child’s Cellular Disposition

Power of Knowledge

The Danger of Disease Belief

The Pap Smear Lie

99% Findings

Fear is the Disease

Parental Cellular Memory

What is Stinkin Thinkin

Epigenetic Changes

Programmed to Believe

What am I Building?

Energy Channels & Disruption

Energy Flow Holistic Approach

Diseases in Emotions

Healing Begins with Forgiveness

Reasons for Reason

Love Heals

Peace & Enlightenment

It’s all Choice

Choose Wisely

What We Attract

Resonating at the Same Frequency

Microbes - Our Friends

Protect Your Microbiome

The Truth Sets You Free

Mammography or Thermography?

and many more!


"Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears." -Les Brown

What is Living Prevention?

Living Prevention is simply learning what is harmful to avoid it,

and what is helpful to incorporate it.

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Are You Ready for Change?

Bringing 1,000,000 together to adopt the 'Living Prevention Not Prescription' lifestyle is urgent because there's a battle being waged on God-given natural immunity unlike any time before.

Billions of people are being exploited by fear, driven by health illiteracy, and misplaced trust is the '"perfect profit storm" for corporate exploitation. Identified in a 2003 study of the U.S. revealed,

"9 out of 10 U.S. adults lack the knowledge to manage health and prevent disease.

(National Assessment of Adult Literacy Study)

88% Health Illiteracy =

100% Health Exploitation

Living Prevention Membership

Resolves Adult Health Illiteracy

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Our Story;

Our story began in 1988 when our founder and CEO faced a personal life crisis. At just 25, Kari Gray was diagnosed terminal with liver cancer. Her autobiography is being written, "Cures to Cancer," Kari reveals the 'secret cures' to cancer and more.

"Being diagnosed terminal is a nightmare you never see yourself living when you’re young. I was emotionally devastated. Thereafter, when I chose holistic treatments, then I had the financial impact of self-pay for care health insurance refuses to cover to this day," Kari relates.

"When I looked to the 'experts' for answers, I found no hope of survival. As a mother of three, giving up wasn't an option; I had babies who needed me. In extreme duress, I searched for hope. I knew nothing about health; I knew how to pray, and my many prayers led me to a holistic practitioner who coached me through a litany of changes I needed to make for a chance at remission. I was dedicated and diligent."

A miracle self-healing happened within months of diagnosis over three decades ago. Today, Kari is committed to 'paying it forward’ as a visionary changemaker. As CEO of AlternaCare, Kari is the creator-host of Living Prevention TV, which features the value of living a preventive lifestyle because prevention is better than cure!

"We generally change ourselves for one of two reasons......

Inspiration or Desperation." -Jim Rohn

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