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After a decade of seeking answers to reduce health problems many are suffering needlessly with, I went down the 'rabbit hole.' Spending thousands of hours and dollars testing the hype from the hope, my criteria included the answer must be:

  • Non-toxic
  • Non-invasive
  • Provide measurable results
  • Deliver predictable outcomes
  • Be cost-effective
  • Create harmony and self-healing
  • Be focused on authentic prevention

A tall order, I know, but this is what must be achieved to reinvent healthcare.

Here Are Simple Truths About Health & Wellness;

  • Our body is designed to heal.
  • Cures come from inside us.
  • Everything is energy - (i.e. petroleum and fast food)
  • We are dynamic, not static, ever-changing.
  • When the body has what it needs, it heals.
  • What you believe, you achieve.
  • Healthy cells = healthy person.
  • Toxins accumulate - most are toxsick from toxins.
  • Toxins create cellular confusion.
  • Healthy cells produce energy, but toxsick cells don’t.
  • Health conditions start with trauma.
  • Parasites are inside of everyone; changing the terrain is needed.
  • Parasites are a root cause of chronic health conditions.
  • Trauma - physical, emotional, mental, manifests as illness.
  • Unresolved trauma is a root cause of health issues.
  • A healthy microbiome provides 70% of our immunity.
  • Health conditions manifest when deficiency is present.
  • Emotions and mental outlook determine health results.

This is Your Invitation -

I invite you to be a beta tester of this new technology that 'checks all the boxes' of Living a Prevention-first lifestyle. Starting Jan 15, 2024, have a chance for sixty days to be included in this one-time offer. At the end of 60 days, we will ask for your feedback on...

  • fatigue
  • immunity
  • sleep
  • depression/mood
  • obesity
  • parasites
  • EMFs
  • hormone issues
  • mindset
  • toxin accumulation

To achieve this, we are combining sciences and modalities;

  • Quantum medicine
  • Scalar energy
  • Rife frequencies
  • Chinese medicine
  • and functional medicine, too

What is Quantum Medicine?

Nikola Tesla called subtle energy "quantum entanglement." A phenomenon where particles connect and how one particle affects the other, even when separated by large distances.

Research shows that particles quantumly entangled remain connected even if they are separated by vast distances. Quantum entanglement can be harnessed to create a “quantum link” without loss of information. This concept is exciting because it makes remote healing a possibility.

Particles entangled affect the other. Like a cell phone, it’s possible to transmit healing energy to a person not physically present. This discovery revolutionizes the way we think about healthcare. Quantum energy makes it possible to treat people without the need to travel.

What is Remote Healing?

Think of it like how cell phones work - they receive frequency in microwave signals from a distant satellite and tower that affects one specific device. Microwave frequency makes sure your device receives a call remotely and wirelessly. While most of us don't understand how cell phones work, we know they do, and they changed how society communicates.

Welcome to 'Healthcare Reinvented'

In this experiment, we are using energy signals to create quantum entanglement in distance or remote healing. Your choice of frequencies is below. You can choose and change frequencies anytime. We limit the sessions that run every day to three frequencies at a time.

Here are the Healing Frequency Option Choices;

Body Energy

Boost energy levels with this energy frequency, designed for people who suffer from fatigue. The Body energy frequency package is a healthy way to add energy to your life.

Immune Boost

Stimulating the immune system by restoring balance and harmony to the body's energy systems, the Immune Boost frequency package is needed in a post-COVID-19 world.


Meditation frequencies feature quantum vibrations that ultimately reset the nervous system.


The brain features a combination of nootropic (from healing mushrooms) and brain-boosting energy frequencies for an improved mental state.


Detox frequencies stimulate the body's natural detoxification processes and help in the crucial step of ridding toxins that have accumulated in the body.


The all-purpose Recovery frequencies are for total wellness, and they include the Energy Frequencies to activate and accelerate the body's own healing processes.


Abundance is a frequency package that supports an optimal mindset to think and feel an abundant mindset to empower abundant thinking.


The Motivation Frequency package activates your inner fire. It features two frequencies in particular that activate willpower and neutralize procrastination.

Pineal Gland

The pineal gland frequency package targets the brain, which has been assaulted in our modern world by fluoride that calcifies the pineal. Flouride used in the concentration camps to numb prisoners kept them compliant. Decalcifying the pineal improves perception and improves the ability to connect spiritual matters.


For men and women who want to boost T levels, vigor, stamina, blood circulation, and accelerated recovery to achieve better relationships. The Libido Frequency package provides what many stagnant relationships need.

Weight Loss

The specific weight-loss frequencies improve metabolism and support the natural weight-loss process, releasing excess fluid, toxins, and body fat.


Dream frequencies support lucid dreaming during REM for restorative sleep. Achieving true rest is key to healing a myriad of health issues.

EMF Protection

EMF Protection frequency package is to help you protect yourself from harmful 5G and wifi. Included in every frequency option includes Energy frequency for EMF protection.


The Calm frequencies contain mind and body relaxing frequencies to subtly reset the central nervous system.

Cleanse (Germs & Parasites)

Cleansing frequencies is a holistic approach to optimal health. Removing harmful parasites from the body through frequencies in this section is crucial to wellness.


Mood frequencies alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression and include Energy frequencies for stabilizing the mind.

Mind Energy

A high-energy program based on a unique blend of Chinese herbs to boost our mind, which is under attack daily in this connected world.

Enrollment includes

Complete a questionnaire before and after the test

Choose your Frequency Options.

Provide feedback after 60 days.

Donation ($100.00) for a 60-day trial

Ready to Enroll?


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Prevention Not Prescription!

70% of the U.S. is prescription dependent.

80% of all prescriptions are reversible by lifestyle

90% of health costs are for lifestyle-caused diseases

It's time to exit the matrix....

"I just have one question…what took so long for someone to deal with health and health care in such a reasonable and logical way? I belong to the Prevention not prescription group and have learned so much and found like-minded people to ask questions of and learn from. I so appreciate the validation as to what seems to me to be the best way to take care of and manage one's health. The information is stellar and I personally have benefitted greatly. I appreciate having found this site and am eager to learn more and become more involved. Thank you for all you do on behalf of true health for so many! ~"

Launi G. - Mental Health Professional

"Kari has an amazing story as a cancer survivor. Living Prevention by AlternaCare is helping people to live prevention and not a prescription life. Love your message!!"

Ellen S.

"This is an excellent resource for science-based holistic support for those seeking a healthy lifestyle and reliable, common sense, non-biased information, and support. “Prevention Bot Prescription”, is more than appropriate as a theme for this organization. Kari Is living proof with her life experience and know-how that your body can and will help itself. Thank you for this valuable resource."

Delbert V, RN


"Helpful information and experiences. There are so many harmful things we eat and use. It is nice to have someone looking out for our good health instead of just wanting the money."


"Alternacare is an amazing nonprofit that shares ways to be healthy and avoid disease with prevention. I've had a wonderful experience volunteering and I'm proud to help their cause."

Diego Z.

"My daughter and I both have a chronic illness and we love alternative care because we feel it is safer as we have had so many complications with medication over the years. We like taking herbs and such because they really help but it does require guidance in order to have success so we strongly support this and think this is something that is really needed!"

Sandi S.

"Alternacare is an incredible source for all things health. We support this cause and give 5 stars!! Thanks for all you do in helping others have a better quality of life! Absolutely love your mission & healthy lifestyle!"

Ocean S.

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Our Story

Our story begins in 1988 when our founder and CEO faced a personal life crisis at just 25. Kari Gray diagnosed terminal with liver cancer shares the story in her autobiography, "How Cancer Saved My Life, and How it Can Save Yours Too" Kari reveals the 'secret cures' to cancer and more.

"Being diagnosed terminal is a nightmare you never see yourself living. I was left emotionally devastated. Then I lived the financial impact of self-paid holistic treatments, which health insurance refuses to cover to this day," Kari relates.

"I looked to the 'experts' for answers and found no hope of survival. As a mother of three; giving up wasn't an option; my babies needed me. In extreme duress, I was searching for hope and answers. I knew nothing about health, BUT I knew how to pray. Many prayers led me to a holistic practitioner who coached me through a litany of changes for a chance at remission. I was dedicated and diligent when the miracle of self-healing happened in months of diagnosis. That was over three decades ago.

Today, Kari is the visionary of the AlternaCare Foundation and creator-host of Living Prevention TV. Committed to 'paying it forward', she shares her passion for wellness because once she learned how to live a prevention lifestyle, she knew how to make the need for cures obsolete!

"We generally change ourselves for one of two reasons......

Inspiration or Desperation." -Jim Rohn

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